Similarities between music and art

The creative process for music and art is very similar when you begin make something for which there is no immediate purpose. I have found that when I’m writing a song or developing an art piece, I can lose myself more easily and feel more freedom. There’s no end goal I have to keep in mind – I’m just creating “out of my head” so to speak.

The similarity comes when something begins to emerge. As you create, whether it’s music or art, there are little indications that you’re on the right path. There are small victories like a verse that you know is capturing your thought, or a color that makes the drawing come alive. These small indications are like sign posts along a journey that keep pointing you to the right destination.

So often we do have to create with an end goal or a purpose and that can help focus our energy. But remember to allow time to freestyle too - to let the final outcome emerge and morph with no preconceived notions.  


We've have had a brutal winter this year and this seemed to capture what we've experienced.