Audio input

This afternoon I began designing a theater program and for awhile all I had was a blank computer screen staring at me. As I started to dive in I went a little ways and then realized I had no other creative stimuli around me. So I went to iTunes, put on Larry Carlton and designed away. It could be my imagination, but I felt a little more freedom to create and explore ideas that were more out of the box.

Could I have done the same without music? Maybe. But when I listen to music, especially live concerts where musicians are improvising as they go, there’s a connection to whatever I’m working on. As they “make it up” as they go, I do the same. It would be interesting to see if there is the same creative output without any auditory input. Maybe it depends on your personality as well...

Do you listen to anything when you create?


We spent some time at a museum in Dade City, FL last week and I snapped this shot as we walked through a house built in early colonial times.