Similarities between music and photography

The law of physic governs both music and photography and it’s possible to “bend” them in both cases.

In music we’re used to hearing notes with standard distances between them, like when you go up a scale. Each note has a unique vibration of sound waves that we interpret as sound. But when the sound is “bent” it catches our attention because the waves are vibrating at increasing or decreasing amounts. This is why church bells play melodies and sirens oscillate up and down.  You’ve also heard this when a guitarist bends the notes as they are playing a solo.

Two examples of the law of physics in photography are distance and light. As you look at an object far away, it seems to be more blurry and have less contrast. It also retains the perceived distance from other objects. But you can manipulate that perception by using a telephoto lens and zooming in. This gives a compressed look and reduces the perceived distance. You can also use photo manipulation software to sharpen the object and add some localized light to reverse the blur and contrast effects.


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