Learn fast

All creative pursuits have some element of learning associated with them. This is especially true if it requires the use of external tools to accomplish the task. Examples of this would be Photoshop for graphic designers, electrical knowledge for lighting designers and even dance shoes for ballerinas.

Malcolm Gladwell proposed a concept that says it takes 10,000 hours for someone to become fully proficient at any given task. While it certainly takes time to become excellent at anything, today we have a huge advantage because of the immediate access to world-wide information on any topic. As you’re working on a video or dance routine, or anything creative, you can immediately find out how others have done it before, how to do it more efficiently, or just get inspiration. I was working on a video project recently and whenever I would get stuck on an issue, I would bring up Google, say the question into my microphone and get hundreds of immediate answers to my question.

Try to reduce your “10,000 hours” by using the generous help people have offered from all over the world.


Another experiment in post processing to reach the final vision of a photograph.