The risk

What is it about risk that intrigues us? Why are we drawn to a story where a person does something beyond themselves? My friend Chip Richter recently took on risk on his art. He’s a musician and had a vision for a new album that was inspired by artwork done by his 8 year old son. So he developed a project, thought through all the levels of support, put together a video, and laid it out for the world to support (or reject).

I talked to him when he was in the middle of the pledge period and it was an exhilarating but scary time. At that point he had invested time and money just to get the project on kickstarter and there were no guarantees whatsoever. But as it turned out, 112 people gave $10,313 to his project which exceeded his goal by almost $1,000.

I love the African proverb “If you want go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. It’s especially rewarding when other people help you achieve what you couldn’t have on your own.


I love rummaging through my Father-in-law’s barn and photographing the things that have the stamp of time on them. There is “realness” and authenticity about these that I couldn’t resist.