5 quotes to read today

“When I say artist I mean the one who is building things … some with a brush – some with a shovel – some choose a pen.” ~Jackson Pollock

“Art doesn’t have to be pretty. It has to be meaningful.” ~Duane Hanson

Go and make interesting mistakes, make amazing mistakes, make glorious and fantastic mistakes. Break rules. Leave the world more interesting for your being here. Make. Good. Art.” ~Neil Gaiman

“I am interested in art as a means of living a life; not as a means of making a living.” ~Robert Henri

‎”Creative work is not a selfish act or a bid for attention on the part of the actor. It’s a gift to the world and every being in it. Don’t cheat us of your contribution. Give us what you’ve got.” ~Steven Pressfield

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I saw this horse as I was driving down the road in Canfield, Ohio - stopped - turned around - rolled down the window - and here it is.