Creative person vs person that's creative

Creative Person

If you’re a creative person, you get your identity from your creativity. When you get your identity from your creativity and someone doesn’t like what you created, you take it personally. When you take it personally, you become depressed. When you become depressed, you kick your cat. When you kick your cat, it screams. Don’t make your cat scream. Be a….

Person that’s creative

If you’re a person that’s creative, your identity is in your worth as a person. When your identity is in your worth as a person, creativity isn’t your whole life. When creativity isn’t your whole life, you won’t feel criticism so deeply. When you don’t feel criticism so deeply, you smile more. When you smile more, the sky is bluer, the grass is greener, and life is good. So, make the sky bluer, the grass greener and have a good life – be a person that’s creative.


I felt there was simplicity in this photo that needed to come out in a white-wash kind of treatment. The bird provides a nice interruption to the horizontal elements.