I’m currently writing a blog series on the things I’ve learned after working with churches for 30 years. I originally titled it “Three things I’ve learned….”. But it’s interesting how that has grown to at least three blog posts that have gone way beyond just three things.

It’s funny how we look at something in the beginning and think there’s really not much content here. Then we get into writing and the thinking and ideas seem to come out of nowhere (or everywhere). I’m beginning to learn to trust my ability to generate creative ideas when I’m in the moment. Sometimes it takes a little more time than I’d like, but they always seem to show up.

Remember to relax and trust your creative ability, even when there’s a deadline or some sort of pressure associated with it. Ideas have a way of building on themselves when you intentionally FOCUS (Follow One Course Until Success – John Lee Dumas).


I live in a great little town - Columbiana, Ohio - that has a number of antique stores on the Main Street. This is one that I captured on a Saturday morning bike ride.