Generate Content

Generate Content          

In the business world, content generation is one of the biggest buzz phrases right now. It’s a reference to the approach businesses are taking where they provide relevant information to people for free. The idea is to create enough content that people will recognize you as the expert and go to you when they’re ready to buy your product or service.

In the creativity world, it’s always been about content generation, whether for personal expression or as a way of making a living. And sometimes we need to jumpstart our efforts when we’re staring at the blank canvas with no idea where to start. I’ve recently found a great resource that helps me get “unstuck”: It’s a very intuitive website that facilitates developing lists of ideas about a main topic that you can build on once it’s done.

This morning I decided to generate a mindmap on creativity with some ideas for my website. I created this in about 5 minutes:


Last Saturday I was at my Mother-in-law's and saw these two Amish boys racing down the street. I couldn't help but think about the parallel between them and  other young boys that race their cars out in the country on a Saturday night. Same experience - just different vehicles.