I’m working on an e-commerce website that I will launch in a couple months. As I’ve gone through the process, I never realized how many components there are to doing this – research, design, analytics, and so on. I finally decided to break it down into areas of focus so that I could give myself permission to only do one thing for a period of time. I literally divided my day into time chunks and it was very freeing knowing I could devote an hour to immersing myself into a particular element. In fact, it was hard to pull out of that hour’s work once I got started.

If you find yourself with a project that requires multiple types of creativity, try separating them out and then assign time periods to them. I think you’ll find it’s a much more productive way to bring it all together.


A few weeks ago I was at a cemetery and was struck by how simple some of the grave markers were. This one simply said “Father” and I thought of who it might have represented – what kind of father was he? And, of course that lead to assessing my role as a father and now, a grandfather. I guess that’s why I kept my shoes in the shot.