Buying a VW

Isn’t it amazing how many VWs you see on the road when you’re looking to buy one? For a period of time we’re tuned into something that is very relevant to us.

The same thing happens when we want to learn a new craft or creative venture. My wife and I are directing a theater show this fall and I’ve wanted to incorporate projection mapping into a show. Now, every time I see something that refers to live production with projection mapping, I notice. Or, I’ll be driving down the road and think about how we could use it in certain scenes. Projection mapping is very relevant to me right now.

If you want to learn something new, be intentional about learning, but also just be aware. Your mind will alert you to things that are related in a way that will surprise you.


As I was editing this photo it just seemed like both the trees should be red, not just one… not sure why…