Unexpected results

I just finished reading an amazing story about the power of a photograph. I won’t tell it here, but it has to do with a one-in-a-million reunion of two family members. If you click on the link below, you’ll not only get a great photo editing tutorial by Jake Olson, you can also read the incredible story.

So often we have no idea how our art will help others. There are residual outcomes that can’t be known until you begin to not only create, but then share it with the world. Jake Olson had no idea what his impromptu photograph would lead to that day, but he seized the moment, did the editing, sent it to National Geographic, and the end result was amazing. Don’t forget – you have to “ship”.

Read Jake’s tutorial and story here


This is a photo I took with my iPhone while working at Generations Coffee Shop in Columbiana, Ohio. If you're within 20 miles of Columbiana, you need to stop in and try the Honey Lavender brew - it's terrific.