Undefining moment

Undefining moment                                                                                                    

I am part of an audition team for our local theater and we are in the midst of auditions for an upcoming show. I am always amazed at the number of kids and adults who are willing to stand before people they don’t know and perform for a part in the show. It takes incredible courage.

Now we have to make decisions – who to keep and who to reject. As a co-director of the show, I will be sending the emails with the good (or bad) news. So, I have researched other people who have auditioned for movie parts to help add perspective for the ones who aren’t chosen and here’s what I found:

Jessica Alba auditioned for “Get Smart”; Anne Hathaway got the part

Kurt Russell auditioned for “Star Wars”; Harrison Ford got the part

Gwyneth Paltrow auditioned for “Titanic”; Kate Winslet got the part

Jeremy Sisto auditioned for “Titanic”; Leonardo DiCaprio got the part

Jennifer Lawrence auditioned for “Twilight”; Kristen Stewart got the part

Ashton Kutcher auditioned for “10 Things I Hate About You”; Heath Ledger got the part

So, if you have ever failed an audition or done anything that resembles that  – job interview, sales call, whatever – remember you’re in good company. And, most of all do not be defined by the experience – good or bad.


We visited a petting zoo with our family last week and this guy (or girl) was there. It’s hard to believe how striking the stripes are when you’re used to a “normal” horse.