Know thyself

I recently spent time in a recording studio playing on a song I wrote called “After All”. A friend of mine (Jere B) is putting a mix together and giving it to Kirk Whalem, whom we hope will record his incredible sax over the background track. As I heard the final mix I realized my piano parts had been taken out of the song and replaced with some keyboard parts that are much more Kirk’s style than mine.

At first it was strange to hear the new keyboard parts, knowing that it wasn’t going to me on the final track. But I knew Jere had listened to many of Kirks’ songs and had researched the sound he wanted to get in front of him. So I trusted Jere to get the right instruments into the final mix, even if it didn’t include my performance.

Remember, you have talents and abilities that may not resonate with everyone, but definitely have a place when they’re used at the right time with the right people. And, if someone has expertise in a particular field of creativity, trust them to make the best decisions.


Berlin, Ohio is one of my favorite places to do “free style” photography as I drive through the back roads. This is one of many beautiful farms that dot the landscape.