The resistance

The Resistance

I’ve encountered the resistance (resistance explanation here) a few times this week while working on a new website. At first it was foggy and I just got frustrated. Then it hit me: looming deadline, lots at stake, big goals…. enter the resistance. So, after dealing with this so recently, here are 3 things to do when the resistance starts nagging you:

  1. Recognize it. Sometimes it comes in the form a vague irritant that says “You’re not good enough” or “You’re an imposter”. But half the battle – maybe more – is simply recognizing that these are the efforts of the resistance. Once you know that, it’s time to…

  2. Give thanks for it. Yes, give thanks because now you know what it is and how you’re going to deal with it. And often getting resistance means you’re really on to something. It might even be proportional – the more resistance, the bigger the “win” might be.

  3. Punch it in the throat. The best way to do this is simply take the next step. Only the next step. Don’t even begin to think about what might come after the next step – just the next step. Focus. Concentrate. Do the next step. And the resistance? Once you lift your foot and begin to take action on the next step, the resistance quickly begins to fade and shrivel to nothingness. You don’t even have to direct your efforts to it. Once you press through, it becomes powerless.


I rarely do abstracts but after experimenting with this, I liked the result. It goes along with the idea that wheat can get turned into many different things – even graphically.