Keep iterating

I’m fortunate to be in the world of content marketing where I produce various pieces of content. This includes writing, designing and video production. One of the things I’ve discovered is how much you can iterate off of one main idea.

For example, I recently wrote a short ebook for my new website called “5 Amazing Tips to Stay in a Tree Stand Longer”. It talks about ways to reduce eye and neck strain as well as keeping warm when you’re outside for long periods of time. As I was trying to come up with ways to build on that theme, the idea of looking at this from the body’s perspective hit me. So I decided to design an infographic where different parts of the body gave their perspective on what can be done to stay in a tree stand longer:

As you create your art, try thinking about your subject from different perspectives and points of view. You’ll be amazed at how many variations there are to what you’re creating.


We are blessed to live near so many beautiful farms in our community. It’s fun to take a drive at sunset and do some “drive bys” when the skies are making good backdrops.