Tune in

It’s amazing how we can become so tuned out to our surroundings. Maybe it’s a wall that needs painted or bushes that need trimmed or …. This is also true when it comes to design. Sometimes I think I’ve gone to a particular area to photograph a landscape too many times to go back. Then I happen to go when the light is different or I just change the angle a little bit and a whole new photo emerges. There are other times when I’m composing a new song and wondering where the melody should go next. Instead of the usual “I, IV, V” progression, I just veer off into a chord that makes no sense… and sometimes it becomes the best idea I had all day.

So, if you think you’ve tried all the ways to be creative on a particular writing subject, painting, musical piece, or whatever, consider these bar code interpretations:

By the way, they can all be scanned just fine.


I liked the comparison between the small and the large - like this is the future of the small flower some day.