There are times when we’re asked (or we volunteer) to do a creative project that goes beyond ourselves. This would be something that takes an extended period of time and involves other people in the process. When this is the case, I’ve found that a large amount of planning and pacing is required to make sure you meet the final goal is effectively as possible.

For example, my wife and I are directing a theater production right now. Before we even had auditions, when we took plenty of time to plan when we would be “off book”, rehearsal schedules  and all the other elements that go into a stage production. Once we established the schedule, we were able to communicate that to the crew so they would know when to expect lighting and audio cues. They also knew when we would need various actors’ props. For the cast, we could communicate what scenes we were doing and the milestone we would have throughout.

If you ever begin a large creative endeavor, be sure and think through the pieces and steps as clearly as possible. Then communicate it to everyone involved and pace yourself to a successful completion.


We have a very nice gold course where I live in Columbiana, Ohio - The Links at Firestone Farms. I caught these early morning tracks a few weeks ago.