You’ve probably experienced a time when you’re creating something and you become absolutely absorbed in the process. Time is lost. You’re oblivious to the outside world. And when you’re done you think back and wonder how you could be so focused and productive.

This is called many things like “flow” or being “in the zone”. And the great thing about creating today is that you can keep the “flow” even if you’re working on a project that requires the computer and you get stuck on something. With search engines you can now get immediate access to a tutorial that helps with the exact issue you’re having. Many times I’ve been working on a photograph or video and need to know something. I just ask google via my microphone how to do it and hundreds of tutorials come up, both video and text-based.

So make use of the global knowledge that’s available and keep the “flow” flowing.


This building seemed to have captured a world within a world.