More Similarities between art and music

I wrote in a previous post about layering and the similarities between music and art. This general idea was brought again to me after I downloaded an app called “Loopy”. It allows you to record a section of music and then progressively add to it until you have a multi-layered composition. The power comes when you begin to adjust each individual layer – volume, timbre, EQ, reverb - to make the finished piece exactly how you want it. (I’m not sure if Loopy does this yet).

There’s a similar dynamic with painting and graphic design. You begin with a base layer and then begin to work out subsequent layers as you go. This is especially true if you’re using a computer-based program like Photoshop. The layer editing for each of the programs even looks similar:

Each individual layer can be tweaked in any number of infinite ways to make the final result exactly what you envisioned. Of course, there are also times when the final result is a happy accident that turns out better that you even imagined.


Another quick shot from my visit to the farm in Cherry Valley, OH.