The power of planning

I’ve been involved in a new online venture that has required an incredible amount of planning and execution. It’s a Photoshop tutorial site: There are over 500 video tutorials that are less than 60 seconds each. I put them together last fall and then launched the site on 1/1/15.

Now I’m in the product development phase where I will be offering different packages to the microtutes email list. The packages will include various tutorials, PDF documents and music from my “Quiet Canvas” collection.

All this to say that the best thing I’ve done throughout this endeavor is to plan first and execute after. I start by establishing 1. What I want to include 2. the date I want to launch. Then I break it down and work backwards to the point where I know the agenda for each day between now and then. Of course, I have built in margin time since things always come up that I don’t expect.

So, if you have a large project and a deadline, take time to break it down to very small “wins” that you can track and celebrate along the way. And don’t forget the margin time!


A few weeks ago we spent some time in Zephyrhills, FL. Just outside of town there is an airport that specializes in sky diving. This guy seemed like he was having a great time floating through the clouds.