An artist

I was meeting with a friend about a year ago and we were talking about life, work and creativity. At one point in the conversation I looked at him and said “I am an artist”. It was almost as if I said it to both him and myself. We had been talking about different future scenarios and I felt like I need to get to the core of who I am. So I simply said, “I am an artist”.

It’s very important to own your creative talents. Too many of us use words like “amateur” or “hobbyist” to describe how we approach creative projects. While we may not make a living from our creativity, it’s important to accept and receive the gifts we’ve been given. The extremes seem to be either and self-serving, cocky attitude or a false humility that says “I’m not really good enough to paint/draw/sing/write/____ this.

So, own your creative gifts. Recognize them and build on them.


...another bird from Florida... they seem to have alot of them.